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The Turquoise Bronze Gold Fringe Earrings features the following:


  • Silver Lined Gold Bugle Beads

  • 11o Matte Opaque Turquoise Delica Beads

  • 11o Gold Delica Beads

  • 11o Light Metallic Bronze Delica Beads

  • 3mm turquoise fire polish beads

  • 4mm topaz bicones

  • gold plated ear wires


The top of these earrings has a flower pattern beadwoven into the design.


These beautiful Turquoise Bronze Gold Fringe Earrings are for the woman who loves to make a statement with their fashion accessories.  You will be sure to attract many admirers with the movement of these earrings.  


Don’t you love these native american inspired earrings?  With the choice of colors and beads this native american inspired pair of earrings style can look differently.


These earrings are made with several beadweaving techniques.  The base is made with ladder stitch and brick stitch.  The daggles on these earrings are made by using the fringing technique.  


These artisan earrings would make a wonderful heirloom piece to hand down from generation to generation.


Your one of a kind piece of jewelry was created with much time and love. In addition this piece of art has been created especially for you.



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Blessings and Grace with Beads and Lace

Turquoise Bronze Gold Fringe Earrings

SKU: E-0267
$49.00 Regular Price
$39.20Sale Price
  • Please use care when wearing these earrings. Do not wear when swimming or around water. Treat these handmade earrings as you would any other heirloom piece of jewelry!

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