The Cranberry Red Green Fringe Earrings features the following:


  • 11o Dyed Opaque Cranberry Delica Beads

  • 11o Dyed Opaque Forest Green Delica Beads

  • 2mm x 6mm Cranberry Bugle Beads

  • 4mm Round Matte Red Beads

  • Gold Plated Ear Wires 


These whimsical Cranberry Red Green Fringe Earrings are for the woman who loves to make a statement with their holiday or everyday fashion accessories.  You will be sure to attract many admirers with the movement of these earrings.  


Don’t you love these gorgeous red  and green themed fringe earrings? 


These earrings are made with several beadweaving techniques.  The base is made with ladder stitch and brick stitch.  The daggles on these earrin