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The Blue Black Silver Tila Beadweaving Necklace features the following:


  • 15o Lined Lt. Seafoam AB Seed Beads 

  • 11o Marbled OP Turquoise Blue Seed Beads 
  • Sm Matte Metallic Gold Tila Beads
  • 2x5mm Turquoise Blue Picasso Super Duo Beads 
  • Silver Plated Toggle Clasp


This exquisite Blue Black SIlver Tila Beadweaving Necklace will become a favorite accessory for all of your outfits.  This necklace is for the woman who loves to make a statement with their fashion accessories.  You will be sure to attract many admirers of this statement necklace.


NOTE:  Please note that the clasp is different than shown in the picture - it has a silver plated circle toggle clasp!


This necklace is made with beadweaving techniques.  The base is made with the right angle weave technique with the tila beads and the super duos are woven in after the tila row has been done. 


This artisan necklace would make a wonderful heirloom piece to hand down from generation to generation.


Your one of a kind piece of jewelry was created with much time and love. In addition this piece of art has been created especially for you.



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Blessings and Grace with Beads and Lace

Blue Black Silver Tila Beadweaving Necklace

SKU: N-0003
  • Please use care when wearing this necklace. The necklace is sturdy, but can be broken if there is sudden pulling on the piece.  


    Do not wear when swimming or around water. Treat necklace as you would any other heirloom piece of jewelry!

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