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Updated: Dec 14, 2019

Whispers of Couture and Blessings of Legacy

My business Couture Jewelry with Heirloom Legacy has developed, changed and grown as has my personal life. Both have evolved into grace as I have seen my dreams turn into reality. I see my dreams succeed as my path in this legacy journey come to fruition. My jewelry is becoming known and acknowledged. But even more important than this is the knowledge that through my jewelry I am able to witness to others about my faith journey with My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My business is based on the principles of grace, obedience and diligence. Every aspect of my business will acknowledge this with scriptures and prayers that will accompany many of my new pieces of art. I’m a firm believer that God will bless His children who are faithful and allow Him to guide their lives. Hand in hand with this promise are acts of helping others and sharing the blessings. Paying it forward with words of encouragement, a helping hand, prayer, a thought or whatever God requires of me is the foundation of my life and my business. It takes us all working together to make it in this world and I want my God to be able to say “Well done my child. You have served me well” when I meet him on the other side!

In June of 2012 one of my long dreamed of goals, to learn how to do the stunning technique called bead weaving, became a reality when I met Clay Davis.

Clay has been in the jewelry business since the age of 14. He taught me my first class in bead weaving – a crystal tennis bracelet done in the right angle weave technique. Along with this Clay also guided and instructed me how to do another dream of mine – Wire wrapping a cameo. Learning the various techniques was one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, but Clay gave me so much more. He shared tips that he has learned through his extensive years of experience. He gave me words of encouragement and opened up a whole new world of jewelry making. The knowledge that Clay has shared with me has been one of the greatest experiences in my life because it has given me the ability to be more creative and express my passion for the art of jewelry making. I now have the ability to create with my two favorite items: beads and lace. With this creativity and passion that I have grown into, I now have what my beading friends call ADOP – Attention Deficit: OH THAT’S PRETTY – and it goes on and on and on!!!!! There is nothing more exciting for me than to go to a bead store and see all the amazing colors, sparkles and bling! Anyone who knows me can tell you how EXCITED I get when surrounded in a room with hundreds or thousands of beads, pearls and crystals everywhere!

This journey, my journey, has taken the legacy of what others have helped me learn to come to this point in my career. I am taking the heirloom and grace woven with integrity and knowledge to blend and develop the couture elegance that has been brought into my new line of couture jewelry.

Gold Peyote and Flower Statement Necklace
Gold Peyote and Flower Statement Necklace

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