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Welcome to Couture Jewelry with Heirloom Legacy. I’m Teresa Delosh and I’m the owner and designer of Couture Jewelry.

My business Couture Jewelry with Heirloom Legacy has changed, developed and grown as has all aspects of my personal life.

Both have evolved into grace as I have seen my dreams turn into reality. I can see my dreams succeed as my path in this legacy journey come to fruition.

My jewelry making has evolved from making hand painted wood, ceramic, and resin pieces that were whimsical and country themed to creating exquisite beaded and lace jewelry that can be worn by everyone.

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have a person admire and desire to own a piece of jewelry art that I have created. Therefore, there is no better compliment than for someone to want to own something that you have created.

Each piece gives me such a feeling of accomplishment.  As a result I am very humbled when I’m honored by a customer loving and wanting to own something that a lot of love and hard work have gone into.

Thank you for stopping by and growing in grace with me on this amazing journey that we call life.

Blessings and Grace with Beads and Lace

Couture Jewelry Display
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